At the age of 13, being a fan of Star Wars, I was frustrated at not being able to have a real lightsaber. I then discovered how to have one in video via After Effect, that’s when my passion for editing and Fx was born. Using my father’s old camcorder, I started making my first videos and little by little my first short films, loving both the directing and editing.

I was able to enter ESRA Côtes d’Azur (cinema school) a few years later, still not knowing if I wanted to experience editing or directing for my future.

During my first year, I had the opportunity to make several movies of weddings or even baptisms as a freelance, while participating as an editor on all school projects. It was only at the end of the same year when I took part in Kino Trouville-sur-Mer, where I spent a whole week doing editing, about a dozen short films, that I understood that I wanted to live to edit.


Nicolas Troia


Accumulating the editing of school projects, I was able to refine my knowledge on software like Premiere Pro, Final Cut or even have some fx to do on After Effect, this also improving my vision of editing. At the end of my second year, I started an internship as an editor on a first film for cinema, finally, I learned how to use Avid Media Composer and at the same time put a foot in the world of (French) Cinema.

After my third year, editing specialization, I went to Paris, do my last internship for a production company, as editor, a company who produces documentary music and the capture of concerts, mainly jazz, partly for television. So I participated in editing concerts such as that of Jamie Cullum.

At the end of this internship I was able to work on a second film for cinema, but this time as the first assistant editor.

During these few years, I also participated in some Kino, such as the Kino Porquerolles where I was able to experiment with the directing, or a Festival of Contemporary Art where I realized, on the occasion, one of my short films then I’m most proud of.

All in All, I am passionate about audiovisual, cinema, television or internet and feel comfortable as Editor.

You can Download my CV.