Le Prix de l’Effort

A short film directed by students ESRA Nice in 2nd year of study (2015). Filming at the Rainier 3 nautical stadium in Monaco.


Synopsis :

An old man goes to the pool every day to maintain his good health and fight against his physical decay.

One day, he has a hang with a black man in the showers. This man came with his little girl of 4/5 to attend the swimming competition of his other teenage daughter. During the swimming competition, a teenager is uncomfortable and all the lifeguards are mobilizing to treat her. Meanwhile, the little girl escapes the supervision of her father and falls in the big pool. She is away from the swimmers and crowd attending the competition. Only the old man sees the little girl who is struggling in the water.

This incident makes him react and he will act besides prejudices and fight against his old age to try to save the child. Meanwhile, the competition is in full swing.

Who will get the medal?


Director: François GUERIN

First assistant Director: Boromir BOGUMIL

Director of Photography: Romain MOSTI

Editor: Nicolas TROIA